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Betty Helen Longhi

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Artist Statement:

I am fascinated by the qualities of light, color and reflection that are possible in metal and the sense of preciousness and celebration these surfaces impart. Forming and forging the metal are my preferred ways of working as these methods best allow me to make the fluid lines I want.


There is great satisfaction in producing a flowing graceful form from a hard flat sheet of metal or a stiff straight piece of wire. More recently I have been embellishing the surfaces by carving and etching This gives a rich complex pattern which is pleasing to the touch as well as to the eye.


My inspiration is from nature: the curve of a branch, the crest of a breaking wave or the texture of stone. For me the line is everything - whether it is created by light reflecting from the curve of a polished surface, the edge of a form or the contrast of the intersection of two surfaces, it must be able to generate a sense of excitement and energy for the piece to work for me.