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Sydney Lynch

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Artist Statement

I’m essentially an intuitive designer, and I feel that my jewelry elicits an equally intuitive response. Why an artist or a collector is drawn toward certain shapes, colors and textures is a mystery that fascinates me as both a maker and appreciator of art. Most of the time, I don’t draw a clear line from a specific experience or visual stimulus to a corresponding design. I love how the visual library in the brain produces random and surprising artistic results. People are attracted to a particular piece perhaps because it reminds them of something, or because it resonates more subconsciously and emotionally.


In terms of preferred materials, I contrast sterling, often oxidized, with 18k and 22k gold. My lifelong habit of collecting rocks, shells and other finds on walks has matured into an inability to resist accumulating a wide range of cut colored gemstones which I include in my designs. I love to travel, and wherever I am I take a lot of photos which, in addition to my personal collection of found objects, provide inspiration for the organic shapes and textures in my jewelry.

Working with the materials is the most exciting part of the process for me. Simply put, I like making things. I’m interested in tribal and ancient jewelry which illustrates the human need to arrange found and made objects in new, meaningful arrangements. In one of a kind pieces, I exercise my love of color by incorporating a wide range of colored stones in unique combinations. It’s important to me that my jewelry be both sculptural and comfortable to wear.