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Donna Veverka

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A deep passion for history and architecture inspire my jewelry. Thick rings, wide bracelets, and forged chains connect the wearer to an ancient, romantic world. The symmetry of repeated arches, clusters of spires, and lines of intricate tracery were decorative elements used for centuries to impress. The feel of leather, the glint of hammered metal, and rivets are powerful elements that are rendered elegantly wearable by their sophisticated design. Blade forms and battlements that once protected castles now effectively guard fingers and necklines. Comfortably dangerous, these slightly edgy works stand out from the crowd with a dignified and confident presence.


Trained as a metalsmith, blacksmith, and sculptor, I am a one-woman atelier. Working in silver using traditional techniques I produce edgy earrings, tuff cuffs, and powerful rings for the adventurous woman or man. The working process involves a combination of lost wax casting, hand-forging, and hand fabrication. Sterling silver is my medium of choice, with leather or Italian upholstery cord used on necklaces for both style and comfort. Each chain is individually made with links formed, hammered, or soldered by hand. Every piece is carefully finished with attention to hammer marks, burnished edges, and contrasts between matte surfaces, highly polished accents, and blackened silver to emphasize the sculptural qualities.